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About Us


            is a dedicated e-commerce company that promises to provide the best service to the customers at the lowest price.

                    To get delighted customers and make long-term relationships with them, we are determined to ensure superior customer service

                    including a fast delivery system. Moreover, we are strict to offer authentic and original products to the customers. is also a platform for retailers where they can list their products by opening a shop and sell products to plenty of customers. Additionally,

we are continually working to generate new ideas to bring something new to the table of the E-commerce market of Bangladesh.


           Values -

                       Pioneering: Akasnil always looks for better ways of doing things.

Honor: Akasnil demonstrates complete integrity, upholding honesty, and best practice.

Quality: Akasnil always delivers what we promise while working to the highest quality standards.

Cooperation: Akasnil believes in a Team Approach with an open exchange of ideas across all stages within our organization.

Passionate: Akasnil is passionate about recruitment showing interest, energy, and an understanding of our client needs.

CommunityWe believe that by being involved in our community we can grow both personally and professionally.

Responsibility: As far as we are concerned, responsibility is synonymous with reliability – but it also involves being creative and self-reliant, and being ready

to take on challenges.

A proactive approachWe have to be proactive in everything we do if we are to be able to control our future and the development that will get us there.

Relationship: Creating a good relationship with the customers will sustain as quick delivery of orders is possible.

Social Growth: With the help of technology, we will assist to create digital Bangladesh by providing faster services.



            Developing Akasnil as Asia’s most popular and largest online marketplace.


            Akasnil desires to make the delight to the online buyer through the right service.


Why You Choose Us?

Akasnil's competitive advantage is offering product lines that make a statement but won't leave you broke. The major brands are expensive and not distinctive

enough to satisfy the changing taste of our target customers. Akasnil offers products that are just ahead of the curve and so affordable that our customers will

return to the website often to check out what's new.  Another competitive factor is that. We believe that we will create a loyal customer base that will see Akasnil a

s part of their lives. To facilitate that connection, our website will have a chat section where our customers can share what is happening in their communities as

well as comment on our products and what we should add to our product line in the future. There will also be some entertainment games and special things that will increase the needs of Bayer’s 


What Do We Do?

Akasnil has created an online marketplace to sell good products and services. Buyer from where it is possible to buy good products or service very easily.

Currently, only a few stores outside the city offer access to products and services that the customer wants. Unfortunately, on the buyers outside the focus city

In the shop of this mall. Good products are not available in this city. This is true because vegetables are farmed in villages and farmers sell themselves,

Akasnil sells fresh vegetables and products, for the city. In the era of adulterous food, Akasnil plans to bring alternative frees vegetables and products to

Bangladesh via the internet. We will create a business identity that will capitalize on the Bangladesh culture affiliation and attitude of our target customers.




Moshiur Rahman

Managing Director & CEO 

Akasnil Limited



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