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{"productid":"113","title":"ACI PURE MOSHUR DAL-1KG","price":"130.00","delivery_time":"Everyday","is_free_shipping":"0","shipping_cost":"0","wholesale_price":"0.00","moq":"0","moq_unit":"0","stock":"4000","brand_id":"14","unit_type":"8","discount":"4.00","discount_validity":"2019-04-03","magic_card_discount":"0.00","picture1":"jpg","picture2":"","picture3":"","picture4":"","picture5":"","sku":"ACIPMDK-0001","cashback_type":"0","cashback_amount":"0","recurring_cashback":"0","categoryid":"43","subcategoryid":"8","short_desc":"","video_demo":"0","tags":"","direct_commission":"0.50","indirect_commission":"0.25","status":"1","product_slug":"aci-pure-moshur-dal-1kg-113","created_at":"2020-01-06 10:44 pm","updated_at":"2021-01-19 12:35 pm","sizeid":"","colorid":"","ws_id":"0","ws_price":"0.00","ws_discount":"0.00"}
Brand: ACI! SKU: ACIPMDK-0001 Delivery: Everyday Category: Daily Bazar (প্রতিদিনের বাজার) / Chal / Dal ( চাল / ডাল )

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  • Product Code: ACIPMDK-0001
  • Fresh & Best Quality
  • It provides a wonderful supply of protein, significantly for those adopting eater diets or diets that don't contain a lot of meat.
  • It’s generally around twenty fifth protein by dry weight, giving it comparable protein content to meats.
  • However, by weight, cooked (boiled) dal contains al contains 9% protein, 70% water, 20% carbohydrates (includes 8% fiber), 1% fat.
  • Most dales (except soybean, being exceptionally higher) have the same quantity of protein

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