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MICHEL (v-fast) Tubeless Tire Sealant Gel 500 ml)

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Mainly tires are two in kind and they are tube tires and tubeless tires. Between these two tubeless tires are getting popular for their vast usage and extra facilities over tube tires. One of the major advantages of tubeless tire is, this tire doesn’t get punctured that easily and if it does then it can easily be solved. Without removing the tire from the rim or even from the vehicle leakage can be fixed and that thing which fixed the leakage is called sealant(Gel).

Tubeless tires have the benefit to be filled with liquid sealants at the inner potion of the tire. If any kind of sharp object harms the tubeless tire and leakage occurs, the liquid sealant immediately sealing the hole of leakage. Using sealants for preventing the leakage can save time and allows you to ride without changing the tire.

These products come in a pressurized can, and it is very easy to use. While there are numerous advantages to using such a product like this, alongside that there are also some negative consequences that you should be aware of using this product. Let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of sealants and how to use it.

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